Nuttin’ But Ciggy Smokin 2005.

Posted in Random by coyopa on 09/04/2009

Old Video From 2005 shot in Kansas by J. Tarrant.


Forthcoming Gluttonius Monk Ep….

Posted in Newz. by coyopa on 09/03/2009

Celebrating the Dodidium relaunch, we bring you our first release in a long ass time, The Unfinished New Edition. A 5 song Ep from myself & Gluttonius Monk that will be availible to download at the end of November. If you want to hear it ahead of time or your one of our homies who wants a copy, we’ll be giving out cds’ to the first 50 heads at S2s’ record release party, so come though and get one. Follwing this Ep will be another Gluttonius Monk project, this time teaming up with his brother Dj Saul Weber. We are really excited for both of these and begininng new projects for 2010………

Mad love to all our friends & supporters who been with us since redondo! We’ll be putting up some of the older Dodidium/7deadly stuff soon!

Dj Saul Weber // Classic Hip Hop Mix.

Posted in Mixes. by gluttonius7 on 08/31/2009

S2 CD release party.

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Getting together for S2’s solo cd. Althought it’s not a Dodidium release, were stoked to help him with the cd & the party. We have a phat collaboe in the works with S2, so hold tight.

Also this night, we’re going to have cd’s for the first 50 heads of Gluttonius Monks forthcoming EP, The Unfinished New Edition. So all the homies & everyone will get a chance to hear it before comes out online the following week.

Dj Saul & Friends Part II.

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Another night of beats with dodidium selecta Dj Saul Weber.
local massive come through!