Dodidium X A-teams Shoes 9.23.10

Posted in Shows. by coyopa on 09/22/2010


Thursday, September 23rd @ ATEAM Shoe Shop, 8pm-12midnight.
The first Dodidium/ATEAM collaboration will consist of an exclusive night with Dodidium cohorts Gluttonius Monk and Coyopa. Our guests will be priveleged to witness a live performance and DJ set encapsulating a multi-genre collection of Dodidium favorites, and a rare Gluttonius Monk set of unreleased tracks.

Come one, come all, FREE of CHARGE!
Drinks, beats and kicks provided by ATEAM.
All ages to cruise, 21+ to booze.

***Giveaways include shoes, tee-shirts and a skateboard***

Starting in October, every third Thursday, Dodidium, in collaboration with ATEAM Shoe Shop, will be throwing a series of events showcasing local and international talent from music to fine arts, with an emphasis on fashion forward thinking.

Dodidium: A free underground net label based out of the South Bay, focusing on innovative and experimental music. Dodidium serves as a platform for artists to get their work heard, free of charge, in a world of digital consumerism.


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