Dodidium 006 // The Unfinished New Edition EP

Posted in Releases. by coyopa on 12/06/2009

Dodidium 006 // Gluttonius monk // The Unfinished New Edition EP

After a long hiatus we are back in the studio, relaunching with The Unfinished New Edition EP. Experiments with hard breaks, bass,  lyrics, and the drive to push ourselves further as musicians were the primary focus for this one. This whole release revolves around a song we had made in early 2008, entitled How The Fuck Did We Get Here?. A darker tune in a style that was alot different than any tunes we had made before. Anyways, we had a shitload of fun making this and hope you enjoy. Coming up we have another Gluttonius Ep and How The Fuck Did We Get Here? remixes. Photo is by Scott Hankinson.


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  1. Free Artistry said, on 08/22/2010 at 5:26 PM

    wow…this guy fucking sucks. Please get a day job.

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