The Unfinished New Edition…

Posted in Newz. by gluttonius7 on 10/12/2009

The recording sessions for The Unfinished New Edition have been coming along great. We have four of the five songs recorded, and they’re coming out to be some of the best work Coyopa and I have done together, up to this point. The themes of TUNE  are similar to the other material Coyopa and I have released, such as anti-establishment social awareness, but what I’m focused on with my writing is stemmed from the inspiration of the break-beat style drums Coyopa has dilligently crafted. I therefore try to achieve a percussiveness extended from the instrumental, while retaining melodic rhyme schemes, interwoven into the beat like ill maintained ivy onto majestic wrought iron. The recordings will be done in two weeks, then editing, mixing and mastering, up until the day of the limited edition release on November 28 at Suzy’s for S2’s anticipated  Infinite Increments record release party. The album will be available to download for free on the following week on December 5, but if you’re in the neighborhood, come by and get a copy of S2’s Infinite Increments and one of the rare hand made fifty copies of the TUNE EP available only on this night!

Love, Bless, Nothing Less,


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